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re: Kin Charter

We, the Members and Officers of the Kin hereby named "Eternal Destiny", have joined together to create this organization of like-minded individuals with the goals of having fun, first and foremost and to create a fellowship for the players to congregate in and enjoy all the different aspects of, the MMORPG worlds.

One of the major causes of kin strife and disintegration is caused by "Drama". Many of us have experienced this phenomenon within MMORPG's and it is usually inevitable to varying degrees due to the diverse community that plays the game and all the different personalities that come with them. We do our utmost to minimize exposure to drama within the kin and take steps to eliminate it should it become a burden to the kin or affect it's members negatively. We have been fairly successful in this endeavor and it strengthens the kin.

We as a kin of players share many things in common. Common to most within the kin are the desire to have fun, advance their characters and the kin as a whole.

Our main goals will be as follows and can henceforth be considered the Charter of our Kin:

- To have created an organization that furthers the enjoyment of the game for it's players and by being a repository of gaming knowledge and Lore, a helpful group of experienced players to assist newcomers and old alike. To be a home of sorts, that we as players and characters in a dynamic world can dissolve into after a long day at work in the real world or just a place to hang out when one only has a few moments to spare. This is the base of our organization.

- To provide a structure within the kin for personal advancement of one's characters based on a variety of factors, including but not limited to; Quests and redemption of Status Items, personality and availability to assist others with Adventuring or offering of Tradeskilling services to other kin members as needed or desired and contributing in other unnamed ways of advancing the kin as a whole or helping to advance others within the kin.

- To reduce or eliminate any kin or personal "Drama" that rears it's ugly head and strikes at the heart of us all, providing a safe and stress-free domain in which to relax and pursue our personal goals and desires within the game.

- To have in place a cadre of Officers, to assist players with issues and to resolve problems quickly and effectively. Any of these individuals can be contacted for assistance from within and from without the kin.

- To have in place the ability to perform various Raids of interest, based on kin experience and desire. To help members learn to raid with effectiveness, increasing our ability to raid increasingly difficult raid zones. The Kin's stance at this point in time is to NOT be a Raid oriented organization, but to pursue them at our own pace.

- To maintain a website for dissemination of kin related material and to keep members up to date on current events and happenings, including participation in the Raid Calendar for those wishing to raid.

- To have....FUN. In the end, that is what it is all about.

Disclaimer: The Eternal Destiny Kin is a group of mainly civilized adults, with a couple younger folks sprinkled throughout. We do tend to have a sense of humor and to not take everything so seriously. We maintain a Ventrilo Server, in which we spend a good deal of time joking around and also to coordinate our efforts. We do have an Adults Only channel that is moderated only by the sensibilities and tastes of those within it. Be warned, if this is not your piece of pie, there are alternate Ventrilo chat channels available for use. We encourage everyone who does desire to use this avenue of communication to do so, as it adds a wonderful dimension to the gaming experience.

Co-Leader - Eternal Destiny
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