About Eternal Destiny

Welcome to Eternal Destiny
Eternal Destiny is a multi-game guild that has been here since 2007. We have kins in ESO, SW:TOR, WOW, Landmark, and LOTRO to name a few.

Visit our Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/EternalDestinyGuild/

Our guild works together to provide benefits to all members. In order to do so, we strive to maintain effective methods of communication and organization which minimizes drama and elitism.

Eternal Destiny members can be found around the globe and in-game for many MMOs with nearly continuous coverage. We accept people from all walks of life and backgrounds, as long as they uphold our rules and charter.

How To Sign Up at Site and for Raids;

First you must be a member of Eternal Destiny  Website, not just Guild Launch. 

The best way to see if you are a member is on the main page, scroll to the bottom and look at the left corner, if your name is there then you are signed in. (Note you could be shown as logged in at top right corner but not in bottom left, this means you are a guild launch member but not an Eternal Destiny  website member or not signed in.) 

If you are signed in at top but your name does not show in bottom left corner then you need to join Eternal Destiny. Go to the right and click Apply to Kinship located under the link box section. Fill the forms out, ignore the enter code thing. 

After you are done you need to let Brumnly or another Officer know and they can activate you. 

Once you are a member and your user name shows in the bottom left corner after you log in, you will need to add your toons.

Go to the Roster page, Scroll to very bottom and you will see a button to add toons, on the next screen you will now see a form to enter info on your toons.

You can also click on your name in upper right corner, select profile. Click on characters over in the right hand box. Here you will see which toons you have already at site or other sites or none at all. You can add current toons to Eternal Destiny  and claim them here or claim them later thru the roster page.

If you need to add a toon, click Games link on left, then you will see the games you have, on bottom of the box for the game you will see add character, you will then get a form to fill out. 

Let an officer know and they will set that toon as raid ready but first you have to claim it. Make sure and let the officer you contact know the name of the toon you added and your user name at site. 

Ok now you can sign up for raids, there are 2 ways to do it, you can use Rapid Raid tab on main page or use the calender, both work kinda the same. 

The calendar is easier to see what raids you would like to join. 

So i'll use that way here; 

Click calendar in the main set of tabs, then find the raid you want to join and click on it. 

Next you will see a new window with that raid , click on the hyperlink in that page that says Signups #/#. 

Now you will see the info on that raid, who's signed up and with what class's, Some raids are class specific, if your class is taken please still sign up as that person may not show and you would be next in line. 

(Raid leader of that raid can view sign ups by date.) 

Now to sign up, you can click Available , Tentative, or Unavailable on the right, click 1 then you will see a pop up window, select your name from the drop down and click submit, you can add a note here like "I can also take hunter". 

(You can remove yourself or a character to change it to another thru this way using Unavailable.)

Now you should be signed up, try to be in game on the toon you signed up with 15 min. prior to raid time. 

The raid leader may have to move ppl to specific toons due to others not showing, so be patient with them please. 


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